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mixed berry chocolate fruit cake

Brand: Nonpareil, 500 g - $22.99

A chocolate sponge cake filled with delicate cream cheese cream, and juicy peach, raspberries, and strawberries.

Cake "Prague"

Brand: Nonpareil, 500 g - $22.99

“Prague” is a classic delicate moist chocolate sponge cake layered with boiled condensed milk cream and light tart cherry jam.

Cake "prague with cherries"

Brand: Sladkoff, 500 g. - $9.90

Light chocolate sponge cake with condensed milk and cream cream, and juicy cherries.

sour cream Chocolate cherry cake

Brand: Sladkoff, 500 g. - $9.90

A combination of sour cream and chocolate sponge biscuits with sour cream and juicy cherries.

Mixed Berry sour cream cake

Brand: Sladkoff 500 g. - $9.90

Traditional classic sour cream cake with light sour cream cream and berries.

Crepes with strawberries

Hand-rolled crepes with strawberry filling - $3.75

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